At Cubs Club, food is prepared on the premises in our own kitchen from fresh ingredients. All food is homemade and no processed food is served. 

Our winter and summer menus are on a two week rotation.

Breakfast is served for all children by 9am. Children will then be provided with a mid morning snack which usually consists of fresh fruit . At lunch time a main meal and dessert is provided. In the afternoons children are  served a ‘high tea’. This is a  meal that can include sandwiches, filled rolls/pitta bread, soup etc served with fresh fruit. 

As we are lucky to have our own allotment, often food is planted, later picked and then cooked straight away, sometimes the children dig their own potatoes and carrots or pick their own tomatoes and other vegetables from the allotment and we incorporate it into our menu so the children get an amazing seed to plate experience.

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We take nutrition very seriously here at Cubs club. Aswell as discussing healthy eating regularly and producing a balanced diet we try to ensure we provide children with at least 3-4 portions of their daily 5 a day recommendation during meals and snacktime.

Summer 1
Summer 2
Winter 1
Winter 2


Water and milk are the best drinks for children as they do not contain free sugars.

We give the children plenty of water throughout the day and allow our Lion Cubs (pre-school children) as well as the staff to be water monitors.

We have a water machine here at Cubs club so all of our water is filtered.

Staying    hydrated