Preparing for school

We asked local schools (public and private) what they would hope children joining reception can do. We have incorporated all the points into our planning along wit following the EYFS and our Montessori methods. Our main aim is to ensure our pre-school children can do a majority of the points below before the end of their journey at Cubs Club.



·       Follow instructions

·       Be able to sit for longer periods to listen to a story.


·       Use the toilet independently

·       Put on own shoes, coat and clothing

·       Have a good/correct pencil grip.


·       To speak clearly and be understood

·       have good manners (please, thank you and excuse me)

·       To answer questions and talk confidently.


·       To be able to share and take turns

·       To be willing to play with other children

·       Have the confidence to try new things and not be afraid of making a mistake.


·       Recognise and name colours,

·       Recognise numbers and letters,

·       Recognise own name written down,

·       Count to 10

·       Have a basic understanding of quantity and sounds.

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